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>> yes, it did. i think we are ending the show. thank you, kennedy, schulz, surf huckabee start necessary two questions. >> tonight on huckabee. >> it doesn't matter if you are black or white or hispanic or asian american. cumake it >> three-quarters of the hispanic vote. south carolina lindsay graham. and david petraeus suddenly steps down. north carolina congresswoman sue myrick on how the resignation impacts the investigation. benghazi attack. >> because of your honor 36 men are alive because of your courage fallen americans came home. >> we salute sergeant dacota
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myers. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from it is fox news studios in new york city. i have a great new recipe i tried out this week for fryed crow. i have been eating a lot of that lately. like a lot of conservatives across the land, i thought romney would be elected president and i was wrong so were most of the conservative observers and comment ators. let's be clear it was not the choice i was hoping for, but you know what, we did it without blood shed and bullets and people with boots and badges dragging us in the streets. hand ringing begins as republicans complain about the
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campaign or mitt romney himself. romny earned the primary and he and his campaign team gave it all they had. i don't agree that the obama message of bigger government and more taxes won. it was not an election of message. but the machinery to get out the votes for president obama and it was a masterful and methodical effort. >> as i listen to fellow television and radio talk show host or read the opinion colupes of those who excoreated romney. if you were not critical about mitt romney the day before the election, don't be critical and a phony the day after. the loudest critics were the people who never once put their own names on a ballot for anything some have a perfect insight of how to run a campaign and be a candidate. i sure hope they will give us
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all of the benefit of the expertis and maybe they will sign up to run next time. there are lessons to be learned and yes, we need a better outreach of color. and those who say the republicans can't win the african-american. they are wrong. i got normal half of all of the african-american in moy state in the bid for governor in 2002. we need the same values and principles and them with our heart not just our heads. remind poem what we are for and not what we are against no longer afraid to take a clear and decisive stand for principle issues. mitt romney has my appreciation for giving himself fully or to the effort. he ran and he won the nomination and deserve today my respect and support. you know, i know what it is like to be on the field and actually to be in the game,
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most of the critics never got much closer than the nacho tand and they have watched from the comfort of the sky boxes. look, i love politics, but i will tell you this, i am glad it is over. [ applause ] >> you know? [ applause ] and the fact is, there is more to life than just elections. later on in the show, i will show you something more important to me. by the way i think you will agree that elections are important and have consequences. i will congratulate the president and hope he leads as well as he campaigned. that's my view. [ applause ] well, did republican policy to immigration cost them the hispanic vote? i spoke to south carolina senator lindsay graham about that. >> george w. bush received 44
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percent of the hispanic vote in 2004. president bush 43 understood the hispanic community and was a great governor of texas and hispanic felt good about president bush. why? they are pro life like you and me, mike entrepreneur and joined the military and incrediblele patriotic and hard working people. in 2004 44. and 2008 why went down to 31. what happened in 2004 and 8? we tried under president bush leadership to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2006 and 7 and during the debate rhetoric coming out of the corners was our party alienated the hispanic community. we need to secure our borders, and we built a wall between the republican party and hispanic community and in 2012 that wall got higher.
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we got twen percent of the vote in 2012. we are going the wrong way. it is basod rhetoric and tone coming out of certain elements of the republican party in the immigration debate. >> i know republicans get nervous when you talk about conservation immigration reform. it is not amnesty, describe what comprehensive immigration reform looks like? >> there is no way to solve the immigration problem until you secower our borders, do you agree with that! >> i do. >> that is the beginning, no matter what you do, if you walk across the street in america, we will be flooded with illegal immigrants for years and so get the border secured and before i would do anything else. i would want it to be certified to be secured by the board of state governors and working with department of the homeland security where they it would us we have done
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everything within reason to secure the border after that. deal with why people come? why do we have 12 million illegal immigrants? >> they come here for the stame reasons our ancestors did, yours and mine. i thank god that people are trying to break into rather than breaking out of. we need the perspective right there? >> they come here to work. this is the place where everybody would love to come because we are america and they come here for jobs. they live in poor, corrupt countries to the south of our border. you know why we are not overrun to canadian. they come to mird myrtle beach in march and we love to have them. they have a stable noncorrupt government and don't feel the need to come to america to get a job. people in the south live in terrible conditions and come
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here to get a job. once you secure the border. make sure you are not hiring illegal immigrants and give your employer community verifiable documents so they know the legal and illegal. you need employer veriction to control the hiring in this country. that is it a magnet and why have a social security card. you have one? >> i better have one. >> you like ronald regan in >> of course i do. >> i will make you ronald regan by midnight. i can go to south carolina and get a social security card saying you are ronald regan and a hispanic person comes to you that said i am ronald regan. you do i want look like ronald regan you get sued. i want documents verifiable for employment. turn it in a biometric document that cannot be faked and go back to roger els to
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negotiate your contract you may mike moore and he ask a good job. roger els. mike huckabee knocks it out of the park on sunday night. you go back to negotiate with roger, you will have a document that fox news can prove quickly that you are mike huckabee. if you did that one thing along with securing the border, it would be hard to hire the illegal immigrant. if they do they ought to lose their business and go to jail. >> it stounds reasonable but people in the republican party if there is anything that does not severely punish peam who are here, senator, that is the challenge. >> i got you. >> it is it a huge price for supporting the idea that the children of illegal immigrants should be treated with respect and dignity, you know, that just, just was not an
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acceptable position to take. i never understood why we punish the children for something that the parents did? how do we get through that in the republican party. >> okay, find an american solution to a american problem. the worst thing we can do as republicans is try to use immigration reform to create a political advantage for hispanic. we should create a american solution to an american problem and fix immigration system for all americans it is it a national security and economic and social problem and the reason i didn't talk about the 12 million. it was not loist upon me. i got the heck beat out of me in 2006 and seventrying to solve the problem. when you ran for president you took the high road. 12 million what to do for them.
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should leave because ther not adding value and broken the law outside of the illegal immigration and should be deported. but there are millions of people who have been here a long time and once we secure our border and get verifiable documents in place, we should turn to the folks and say only crime you came is come here illegal and you are hard work come out of the shadows, we'll identify you and give you a card and you are going to start paying taxes and you can't stay here unless you pass leng issproficiency exam and pay a fine and never become a citizen by breaking in the line. get in the back of the line and earn your way forward to citizenship and you jump in front of people doing it right, that is it the right solution for america and not just for the hispanic community. mike, i would like to say one thing about you. when it comes to talking about
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pro life issues. you are my mentor and model. we don't have to change anything about being conservative. the election was close. we are underperforming with a group of people who are natural fit for the republican party. we ran hispanics away and we'll get them back by being socially physical lie conservative. african-american support traditional major higher than any other group in the country. you don't have to change fiscal or social conservative. but talk like mike huckabee. when you were governor, you did well with african-americans because they knew you were fair. i look forward to rebranding the republican party in a way that can appeal to a wider group of people. here is the good news. conservatism is it an asset and not a liability. >> senator thank you and your kind words are deeply appreciated.
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thanks so much. >> and general david petraeus was suppose tod testify on capitol hill about the benghazi attacks that killed four mirns and before he resigned to friday. how does has resignation imact the hearingings. i will ask congresswoman sue myrick. >> go to and tell me what you think sign up for facebook page and follow me on twitter. you [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> next week the house and senate will hold three hearings on the attack that consulate in benghazi, libya that killed four americans back on 2011. general petraeus was expected to be question suddenly resigned on friday citing an extra marital affair. they will be holding a closed
12:17 am
hearing on thursday. congresswoman, it is great to have you back on the show and thank you for being here on what is a remarkable turn of events in the last hours. i want to begin with the resignation of general petraeus who was supposed to be questioned this week by your committee. will he show up for questioning and will you ask him oir will he comvoluntarily our will he be subpeona. >> i can't worry that. we have the ability to subpeona people. there is concern about his testimony and he does have answers to the questions. and we'll be looking at that as we get back in session next week. the hearing is not until thursday. another committee chairman spoke up and said he would subpeona him and i suppose that would happen with other people as well mike, there are
12:18 am
so many unanswered questions, that the american people have a right to know what happened and the families who lost loved ones have a right to know what happened. >> general petraeus had an honorable career and i don't want to take anything away from the extraordinary service he gave to the country. but a number of members of congress were unhappy with the earlier testimony to the committees and claiming that it was a flash mob in benghazi that was the cause of the trouble. were you one of the people disappointed in his earlier testimony now that we know it didn't happen. >> the whole series of information was frustrating from the beginning. i mean, fich days afterward, the libyan president came out saying it was a premeditated terrorist attack on the united states and the video situation was not true.
12:19 am
and you know, then after tharks that was at the same time that the un ambassador susan rice out there telling cbs that they didn't have enough information to know since then, there are leaks and cables and e-mails that show within hours after the attack, the administration knew that the islamic militant group claimed responsibility for it but that was not mentioned and so there are so many questions to be ask and stow many people who know thing that is they need to tell us. the intelligence committee is able to get information that other committees don't have acess tompt and the administration has to be straight up with us. they don't have an excuse for not telling us the truth. >> yoed hillary clinton secretary of state, will she be call tod testify and will she do so? >> she may be called by another committee.
12:20 am
technically her department is not under our jurisdiction. we are the intelligence committee strictly. i would assume other committees might call her. what she will do. i don't know. it is an unfortunate swadings that we are looking at now. the timing of the resignation is for curious and we have to get to the bottom of it and find out the truth of what happened because the american people deserve to know. >> a lot of people said just what you did, the timing of the resignation said it was curious. and military analyst questioned it happened just after the and before the hearingings whampt do you read boo that oir do you read anything? >> i will don't care fospeculate. i ask those questions in the hearing. hopefully we'll get the
12:21 am
answers. i like everybody else want to know. >> congresswoman, this administration is reluctant to call terrorism, terrorism whether it is benghazi or fort hood or soldiers in little rock. they don't want to say terrorism and islamic jihadist are alive and doing why is that? >> osama bin laden was kimed, there was no more problem. al-qaida was gone and we didn't have a problem and so they have refused to admit they exist and you know, governor, they are out there and they are literally anything they can do to distroy us in the united states they will do. you and i have discussed just before who is in our country and what can happen. look at the terrorist attack domestically in the last 18 months. for anyone to sweep iturped the rug is ridiculous. the truth has to be told. >> i am glad you are on the
12:22 am
commit eye and i hope you will probe for the truth. >> we will. >> thank you for being with us today. >> you're welcome. >> the house hearings will begin on thursday november 15th. by the way, that is the date of the highly anticipated debut of broadway musical call scandalous that is written by cathy lee go giford. and she will join us next to talk about it.
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>> she has been an enduring and to our television set and also a sing yer actress . her latest project is a musical and she wrote it about
12:26 am
amy mcpearson and it is called scandalous. and it premieres on broadway next week . welcome back to the cathy lee gifford. [ applause ] >> hello, governor. >> hi, cathy lee. >> nice to see you. >> wow, you are always doing something and now a broadway play you have written about a interesting character. >> a real woman of history. fallen through the cracks of history. her store store is unbelievable. if she was unbelievable why haven't. >> ♪ hooreyes for holly. ♪ everyone from shirrley to amy temple. it is amy tempem mcpearson and i have been fascinated with her for 40 years. >> thee is fascinating.
12:27 am
>> i heard of her 40 years in college and i said no one have e that. the tempem show built is still >> i poke in the dream >> still taking care of 30,000 people a week in the worst part of the los angeles. amy in a nut shell was a 17 year old athiest who was a farm girl from canada and was the most controversial woman of her generation and saved one and half million people. and baptized marilyn monroe as a baby and got john wayne his first yob. charlie chaplin helped to design her set. she was the first person to understand people who think that the bible are dull is people who never read the bible. if i put on these pageants in
12:28 am
church, it will be like the real housewives of the old testament. you want crazy store stores and intrigue and drama and sex and violence and love and romance and despair, read the bible. and in a nut shell it was the hottest ticket in hollywood. she disappeared governor in 1926 swimming off of the coast of the santa monica area and they thought she drowned and she rees merged and the drict attorney said you were shacked up in the temp nel carmel our musical takes place and starts on the eve before the verdict is about to be read and she takes that opportunity to tell her life store store in hopes that people will understand that none of our lives is defined by one experience. but it is it our whole life that defines us and what we
12:29 am
leave behind is remembered. >> i love store stores that are true and sometimes the truth is more intertaining . >> you can't write this stuff and can't make it up. >> you never seize - cease foamace me. you have a daily show and you squeeze in writing a broadway play that i think will be a good hit. >> i hope you come. >> you have a book tour first. >> scandalous will be running. i predict it will be a long running. >> what did you predict for the election? >> cathy lee. i hope your play is better than what i predicted for the election. it is so good to see you. >> it is it a pleasure to see you, governor. thank you, everybody. >> be sure to see scandalous if you are coming to new york. tell your friends you are getting in a scandal. >> and the president is not
12:30 am
compromising on the fiscal cliff. but hear my reaction and quotes of the week when we come back. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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we'll get you back to huckabee. >> it is it approaching. and the president addressed the looming economic problem in the what the white whit called middle class americans. it is it the notable quotable companies of the week. >> i want to be clear. i am not wedded to every detail of the plan. i am hope to compromise and new ideas. i am committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that is not balanced. >> let me translate a couple of things for you a democrat
12:35 am
use the term balance he means taxes when a democrat uses term investment, he means spending. the president said we need investments and spend more money and we don't have any money. we are going to make investments and when we need to do it with a balanced approach, that means it is it a gut punch to the taxpayers. >> i understand where the president thinks he's coming from rhetorically. it sowns good to people who pay $50,000, you will not be touched but people making more than you we'll go after them. most americans don't want to hurt other americans . they want to help every american and if you hurt the americans who are making more than $250,000 by the way, i don't know where he went to school to get the math. millionaires.
12:36 am
$250,000 is $750,000 away of being a millionaire. just so we get clear on that. here's the problem. if those people making that amount of money pay more for the government. guess who they can't pay it to? to you. that means you don't get a bonus and a pay raise and you don't get extra benefits and you may not keep your job. this is it why i hope the president is sincere when he said he is not married to the opinions. those opinions and the president need a american needs real solutions. now that the president has won a second term in the white house, he could be faced with finding replacements for the member of the cob netasked if he was going to be staying. eric holder said. >> i am trying to determine.
12:37 am
do i have gas left in the tank. it was a interesting and tough four years, i just don't know. >> mr. holder, let me help you out. we are done with you we are finished and if you need to leave. we feel like the manner in which you handled the fast and furious fiasco, and the black panth ther issue that happened in the elections a couple of years ago and the manner in which you continue to hide behind executive privilege and not worry questions from the members of congress who had a ledge mate reason to ask you. we think the gas is empty and gone. and we hope you have a wonderful next career but hope it is soon [ applause ] >> the devastation of hurricane sandy was hit by a nor'easter and it saw detruction. there are many people without power.
12:38 am
you can imagine tedges - tension is building in places like statin island. >> first couple of days we were okay and then the looting start the anger started and boiling and stress of what happened is starting tit had home, that we are on our own. >> we lost everything. i can't talk. i am so nervous . we don't have medication . we don't have food. and we need everything actually. >> and as a governor who with crisis like tornados and floods and after math of hurricane katrina in which we saw evacuees come with nothing. i hoped and pray we would never see that again ever and now we are. and frankly i am furious about it there is no excuse for americans to be that many days away from a battle - bottle of water and sandwich and someone
12:39 am
giving them basic answers of why there is no help available. if you haven't made an effort i highway patrol you will. red cross.orgis a place to go for help i hope you will raise your voice with folks like staten island and long island and let them know. it is unacceptable for a government to do so little for people who need so much in a time like it is inexcuse able that in this country people are waiting to get a simple answer or something warm around their necks or a bottle of water. we celebrate the veterans day. and marine sargient dacota myer will joinnnnn
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>> we salute and honor members was our military as we observe veterans former marine sergeant dacota myer was awarded the award. he was the third living recipient for the medal of honor. president obama spoke about his herorism to present him with a medal of honor. >> men were wounded and killed
12:44 am
and four americans, dacotas friends were surrounded. four times dacota and juan ask permission to go in and four times they were denied, it was they told too dangerous. they defied orders and did what was right. they drove in a killing scene. dacotas upper head and exposed to fire. and from rocket and grenade coming on wounded afghan soldier. he loaded them in the hum row and each time exposing himself to the enemy foir and drove those wounded back to safety. those who were there called it the most intense combat they had ever seen. dacotas and juan would have been forgiven for not going back in. but he said you don't leave them behind. four friends were killed.
12:45 am
sergeant hen drick. and girny sergeant johnson and first lieutenant johnson fifth man kenith westbrook died from his wounds. dacota risked his lives to and helped to save the lives of other men. he his store store into the fire joining me from his home in kentucky sergeant dacota myer. it is a honor to have you on the show on veteran's day weekend. how did you first feel. thank you so much for being here and i can't tell you what honor we feel just being able to visit you and thank you for you did for america and especially for your fellow marines. i want you to tell me, what did you feel when you were going to receive the medal of honor? >> you know, i was north of my
12:46 am
home town in kentucky and working in a construction company and the president had called and i tried to avoid the call. this is not something i wanted. i don't feel like i deserve the medal of honor and it is not what i wanted. but the president said to me. it is bigger than me and i realize it now it is. the guys remembered that day and how the military is remembered and if it gives me a platform to go out and mach a difference. i will accept it on behalf of them. >> you were told to tand down and not go in the firefighter and you resulted in saving 36 lives. and to define order and to do it because you saw other people in danger and put yourself in danger for it were you reprimanded for the fact that you defied an order and
12:47 am
do what you did? >> no, i wasn't. i get asked that a lot, governor. but we are taught obedience to orders and that is one of the most important thing. but what is stronger is it the brotherhood. and we were both told no much numerous time. but the brotherhood of not leaving fall know behind is etched in our hearts and we go back to in a situation like that. >> a lot of veterans come back and have a hard time adjusting to civilian life after what they have seen. what can we do to better help our veterans and we owe it to them whampt can we do as a country? >> i think we have to come n. i felt like, and i will speak on my experience. i did in my book into the fire. but i got back and tried to live independently and that is no way to live.
12:48 am
none of us do that. all of us rely on a support system. we get out and i don't know why americans don't understand how veterans are and military lingo or whatever else. and i think we need to step in and to do what americans great. we need to stand next to each other and be there and same thing for veterans. we have to get them and intergreat thatthem and bring them back in vote and let them know we are there is it a couple of big keys. get them a job. they sacrificed so much for us. let's get them a job and that will put a lot of stuff in order. and the second thing is, let them know how much you appreciate them. you got to let them know. thank you. you got to let them know how much we appreciate their sacrifices going over there and how can we do that and thank them and go out and live
12:49 am
our life the best we can and take advantage much our freedom and whether we are okay on the election it is over with and the election is final, let's go on and no matter what, show thim why we are the greatest country on the face of the earth. i can promise you, we are. >> we are because of outstanding people like ump. god bless you and thank you. into the fire. we thank the vet veterans that served us so we could be free. i will be in austin, texas with my friends the gatlin brothers for a special observance and celebration. i there was more to life than politics and elections. i am talking about family. you are going to meet the loves of my life, my wife and two grand children. you better not go anywhere. i am telling you, you better
12:50 am
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
>> you know what i have with me? i have been telling you about my grand children for quite sometime. and -- [ applause ] >> i wanted you to meet them in person. this is chanler. james huckabee. he was born in july of 2011 and this is little scarlet wild sanders and she was born six mongs ago this very weekend she is exactly six months old and begin me the wonderful look right now. they are not only little hams, but so is their grand father. it is it a shameless we to
12:54 am
promote my grand children but there is it a book called dear chanler and charl- and writing letters to my grand kid you are sitting there what do you mean writing a letter. they are not old enough to understand it. that is point. i may be too old to write it and so here's what i want to do. say things to the kids that hopefully will help them to know who they are and knowing manage about who and where they came from. do you ever know what you are leaving your kids? the election season is a tough one and the most person thing in all of the world is who gets elected. and the most important thing is what kind of life you are giving and imparting your
12:55 am
children and grand children. if i left my grand kids old gutars it would not mean a lot to them. i want to leave them a heir loom and manage spiritual and deep about who they are and where their children is. dear chanler and dear scarlet is a book i hope you read. we are tuning up the huckabee tour bus. we call it the hucka bus. we'll be on the road. can't guarantee they will be with me on all of the stops. i will be signing the books in kansas and maybe i will be visiting your town soon. if you go to you can click on dear chandler and dear scar let. >> i am doing great with
12:56 am
chandler. grandma might have to work on you. (laughing) [ applause ] and by the way. i am assuming you knew this is it my wife janet and the grand mother of my grand children. >> it was the applause that's what scar let needed . studio audience will get a copy of the book dear chandler and dear scarlet and you will also be getting a copy of a simple christmas. a book that is out in paper back. there is a combination of both of these. i hope you read the book and chandler thinks you will. he's clapping now. can you wave at them and say please to meet you. yes. [ applause ] and see if you enjoyed this you will enjoy the book.
12:57 am
now from new york. i am mike huckabee. goodbye and god bless. [ applause ]@?@<
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